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Lonny Langione wins award for his outstanding contributions and service to the Cichlid Club of York PA and its members. Lonny has exemplified through his teaching, giving, and time spent what this club and family was created for. It is with great honor that the Cichlid Club of York PA presents this award to Lonny Langione.

CCY President Scott Mclaughlin wins Grand Champion "Best of Show" award for his oreochromis Tanganicae at the NJAS 60th Event!

Karen Haas and Scott Mclaughlin win multiple awards at the NJAS 60th event fish show

Chris Cornell wins the CCY/ Mo Devlin photo contest for best picture! Chris wins a 50.00 gift certificate to That Fish Place.

The Cichlid Club Of York PA takes 2nd Place at the 2012 Aquamania event in the Aquarium Beautiful Contest! Mike Mull, Shane Mell and Scott Mclaughlin help decorate the tank supplied by Mike Mull.

CCY Member of the Month (July)

Aaron Angiorlis

CCY Member Of The Month (August)

Tom Gillooly

CCY Member Of The Month (September) Wayne Smith

CCY Member(s) of The Month (October) Orlando and Liz Torres

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