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The Cichlid Club Of York PA

There was a need, a calling for something new, something groundbreaking. Cichlids are

not your ordinary tropical fish. They are large, loud, colorful, in your face and full of personality. To be the owner and collector of cichlids says something about you, of who you are and what you stand for.... There are many of us in the York PA area and surrounding cities who have a love for cichlids. These same people are looking for a home, a common ground, a house of our own. 

 The Cichlid Club of York PA is it!

Created out of the need to represent the cichlid community here in Pennsylvania. The Cichlid Club of York is LIVE! It is a movement, it's Rock and Roll and Hip Hop combined with a touch of Frank Sinatra's class. It's the one place where men with shirts and ties and men with low pants and slanted caps can all unite and show off their favorite cichlids. But this is not a club just for men... No!.. Like the saying goes "behind every good man is a better woman" and folks we have some of the baddest women cichlid hobbyist in the PA area.

The Cichlid Club of York will not leave you in a stuffy room with hard chairs

and long meetings. "No!" We will embrace the elements, getting our hands wet and our minds fed with interactive projects, field trips (collecting fish in our native area and beyond), shop hops, and much more. So come join us. Come join the club that dares to be different. - Scott Mclaughlin CCY Co- Founder

Please Contact us if you have any questions


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CCY President:

Lonnie Langione

CCY- Vice President-

Glenn Davis

CCY Secretary

Annetta Messner Ravegum

CCY Sargent At Arms

Jeremiah Sisk


BAP Chair

Linda Troup

CCY Treasurer

Mike Mull

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